Thursday, June 5, 2014

Why I Support Troy Jackson

I was interviewed by Mario Moretto for his article in The Bangor Daily News, “Democratic congressional primary pits a progressive dealmaker against a blue-collar firebrand”  That article does not accurately or fairly represent my reasons for supporting Troy Jackson for US Congressional District 2.   The article says nothing about one of the most important reasons I support Jackson which I emphasized in my interview, my concern about compromise and the influence of money in politics.  I support Jackson not because he is “looking for a fight” as the article says, but because he is one who will not back away from a fight when the interests of workers, the poor, and the middle class are at stake.   He will not make deals with corporate interests that compromise away core values.  In Jackson’s own words, “I’m running for congress because of income inequality, poverty, unfairness, corporate greed, and political cowardice . . . [and] when the privileged elite try to keep me quiet with their checkbooks and their political machines, I sure as hell won’t back down.” 

There are many other good reasons to support Jackson.  Before you vote in the primary, listen to his speech at  I share many values in common with Jackson’s opponent in the primary, but she is a compromiser in values I hold dear, and I haven’t heard anything from her that assures me she understands and will protect the interests of the poor, the working class, and rural Maine as vigorously and passionately as Jackson has demonstrated he will.  

Published in Aroostook County newspapers June 4,2014

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