Tuesday, April 22, 2014


To our Legislators,

I have concerns relevant to climate-change legislation that must be addressed in order to make substantial progress in reversing the damage already done to our climate.  The influence of money and corporate power in political decisions has hampered efforts to protect our environment for at least a century and led to the predicament we are in now with global warming and all other damages to the environment.  That influence has greatly increased with Supreme Court decisions in Citizens United and McCutcheon v. FEC.  Right here in Maine, the influence of Irving, Inc. is only one example of many political decisions being made in Augusta that favor the profit of corporations over the protection of the environment.   What is your position on these decisions and on the increasing income inequality that reduces the power of the people to take care of the earth, our home?

I am increasingly alarmed about the influence of climate-change deniers, and those who see big profits for corporations as the only means to improve the local economy and create jobs.  This is a short-sighted view which has only worked in the last hundred years to hinder progress in protecting the environment, to send profits outside of the local area, and to prevent the growth of green energy and of stable, sustainable economic opportunity for all local citizens.  Please prioritize protection of the environment over corporate profits. 

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