Friday, February 1, 2013

MSCN 2013 Poet Laureate

Maine Senior College Network’s 2013 Poet Laureate:  
Alice Bolstridge

Wild Apples
Through farm fields growing up to woods,
we walk toward our hard-won storied past
through open spaces left between goods
of soft and hard economy forebears faced,
evergreen for boards and pulp, hard-wood trees
for fire.  Looking for what can last,
we taste sour wild apples.  They'll freeze,
sweeten, and feed deer that spread
seed through all the fields.  Nature decrees
unstillness.  The land, torn from forest
before our time, untended now for years,
goes fecund with roaming, wind, and unrest,
grows then into now and to be, graced,
wild, and ever green with birth and waste.